01 November, 2021

Our Perspective: Steady Recovery Despite Recent Market Reset

Our Perspective: Steady Recovery Despite Recent Market Reset

"The reality is, there’s no straight line to the top – Market ups and downs are inevitable."



In his Q3 update, Rana Chauhan, Counsel’s Chief Investment Strategist, reminds investors that staying focused on their investment goals means embracing the realities of investing. He emphasises that despite a recent market reset, the overall economy is progressing.

In fact, the markets have seen a steady climb since the massive disruption in March 2020, even in the face of various fears – china cracking down on the tech sector, investor worry over fed and central bank policies and potential new taxes, to name a few.

According to Rana, investors need to remember that they are not invested in the “fears” or market “noise” – they are invested in a discipline. Our managers always remain true to that investment discipline, know the ins and outs of the businesses in our investors’ portfolios and believe these businesses are well positioned for the future.